EDU Plus

BRINGING THE AFRICAN EXPERIENCE TO YOU through storytelling, song, dance, panel discussions and traditional African instruments.

Kinobe’s Outreach & Education program creates interactive and engaging experiences for all ages. From perspectives on African music, the connection to world music genres, building music instruments and music as vehicle of social change and community empowerment, he brings a full understanding and hands-on experience to students in close classroom settings. Eyes light up when he visit schools, universities, festivals and community gatherings bearing instruments and stories to exchange.

Proudly supporting educators, students, and families – the program envelopes interaction and instruction through the following:

– How to play traditional African Instruments

– How to incorporate other genres ie Jazz, Funk etc with African world music

– Sing along in English and Native African Languages

– Create original compositions

– Panel Discussion

– Role playing

The Outreach & Education program provides face-to-face instruction and digital resources in a workshop setting designed to promote inclusion and fun! The workshop provides memorable opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals with different backgrounds with the goal of educating, informing, and inspiring all to be global citizens.

RESIDENCIES Engage students, campus, camps, and community for an extended period of time to teach, introduce new concepts, and expand performance arts offering.

Also available for workshops, accompany films and or presentations, exhibitions, special engagements.

RESOURCES Perfect for teachers and leaders. Create lesson plans, introduce games and quizzes through geographic, humanitarian, and physical and mental health concepts.

*All resources meet national standards for Physical Education, Arts, Geography and History