For the first time in nearly a decade, Kinobe (pronounced chi-no-bay), the talented Ugandan multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, will embark on a SOLO multi-city North American tour. The man whose work has been called, “some of the most exquisite music coming out of Africa today,” by Zina Sarowiwa of the BBC, will be performing to a vast audience in an intimate setting.

When he was just a small boy, Kinobe listened for hours from a distance to the infectious drumming rhythms that echoed in the night air from the Royal Palace located just a few meters from his house in Uganda. It was his first attraction to traditional music. Twenty-five years, 10 CDs, and over 100 international performances later, the gifted self-taught artist is launching his North American tour on the heels of the official release of his “The Voice Within” CD. On this Album, Kinobe creates soulful and soothing music that emanates from his custom-made Kora, Kalimba, Tama and Endongo, along with rich layers of vocals performed in English and his native Ugandan tongue.

He derived the CD’s title from the lives of those who have a voice but are often not heard—such as children who’ve been traumatized by war or poverty—many of whom he’s mentored and trained in orphanages and refugee camps in Uganda for the past seven years. He credits their triumphant stories of survival as the inspiration to write many of the lyrics on his CD.

For more information and bookings or to set up an interview contact: book@kinobemusic.com