A while ago, I stood enraptured by a flashback during a deep introspective meditation. I set out on a musical journey during my formative years, exposing diverse demographics to my melodious personal narrative. As I began to count the countries visited and reflect on the audiences of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands entertained all around the world. This awesome collage of experiences enamored my soul and it occurred to me that I have been entrusted with a tremendous privilege. On the surface, the opportunity to perform countless compositions on numerous platforms around the world would appear to be a worthy influence of delight; however, I discovered something vast. Beyond the call to entertain, I invest my life’s work, a musical diary of sorts to each member of the audience. Each performance is a special page that gives life to a new chapter in a story that will garner the support of any champion of change.

Since my youth, I have dedicated a distinct combination with my voice and unique drumbeat to echo the fading pulse of disadvantaged children, youth, women and communities in developing countries. I have been honored to work with UNICEF, Harmony Foundation of Canada, Tender Mercies Foundation and Dance of Hope to help hundreds of families transform hunger, dirty water, poverty and sickness into new hope, new purpose, and new life. This new perspective of life has continued to shape my songs, sound, and surroundings as I continue to expose the nuances of oppressions, conflicts, poverty and pain.

Along my journey, I began mentoring young children and training them to use the power of music to give back to their communities. Mentoring the next generation of artists gave birth to Dance of Hope a global touring social initiative that explores the primal transforming power of music and dance to raise awareness and improve the way of life for children. It is my pleasure to share with you a few highlights showcasing our works. Your support of my music had equipped and empowered me to change these children and communities for the better. I invite you to visit to explore our accomplishments, goals and mission.

Love to see how music, dance and arts education globally connects young people in the most beautiful, inspiring and impactful way?

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