Kinobe Solo

An Intimate African Musical Journey

A multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Kinobe leads his listeners into the soul of Africa with traditional instruments, songs and stories from his homeland. His solo shows are musically rich, informative and deeply engaging. He talks about the philosophy of his compositions, the history and making of his traditional instruments, which are crafted and brought to life by his skilled hands while engaging the audiences and helping them to understand the music deeper.

This acoustic solo performance features several traditional instruments that Kinobe skillfully plays; Kalimba, kora, endongo, tama, balafon and endingidi, which all come from different parts of Africa. These shows are perfect for theatres, museums, homes, art galleries and all kinds of intimate venues that are perfect for acoustic listening music.

In addition to the performances, Kinobe can also do an extended outreach residency program with local communities and schools where they will learn various songs and rhythms, and get a deeper understanding and hands on experience with the music in a workshop setting.