Outreach in Schools

Kinobe’s educational and outreach programs are the gateway into Africa through which he introduces Africa’s cultural arts and social studies to schools, students and high educational institutions. Since 2007, he has conducted residences with hundreds of schools and colleges, sharing knowledge of Africa’s rich diversity while fulfilling his purpose of transforming communities and extended philanthropy through arts.

His school programs can be customized for various age groups ranging K-12 where he brings an engaging hands-on experience to classrooms allowing local students to fully participate and experience the richness of his culture while learning about his homeland.

Kinobe also offers extended residences that last 3-5 days where he works extensively with small groups of students to explore deeper musical approaches. During the extended residences he can also work with local highschool jazz bands or chorus, leading to commemorative performances.

He also leads instrument building workshops where students get a deeper insight about the creative process of making African instruments. Students can use local materials that will be suggested in his study guide. This program is designed to help students be more creative and participatory.

Engagement types

  • ◈ School Assemblies
  • ◈ Small group workshops
  • ◈ College Residencies
  • ◈ Culminating concerts


Students/Working groups

  • ◈ K-12
  • ◈ Colleges and Universities
  • ◈ Music schools & conservatories
  • ◈ Choirs
  • ◈ Orchestras

Lesson Plan Outline

  • ◈ Introduction of the Artist
  • ◈ History and musical foundation
  • ◈ African culture, lifestyle and wildlife
  • ◈ An introduction of the music instruments
  • ◈ Practicing and technique
  • ◈ Gear and effects
  • ◈ Tones and sounds
  • ◈ Improvisation and solos
  • ◈ Melodies, Lyrics and songwriting
  • ◈ Deconstruction of a select song
  • ◈ Purpose and approach of the

Available Resources

  • ◈ Study Guides
  • ◈ Music scores
  • ◈ Tutorial videos
  • ◈ Information kit


  • ◈ Q&A sessions
  • ◈ Classroom visits
  • ◈ Hands on experiences
  • ◈ Chorus sessions
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