Kinobe’s Education and Outreach program can be modified for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High schools and Colleges/Universities. It is fully engaging, educative and empowering; ranging from musical hands on workshop of music and dance with the young groups to a broader and deeper musical discussion on global issues with more advances students.

It is designed to give you a full understanding of music in Africa, the significance/role of music and musicians in the past and present African communities and Kinobe’s unique approach of community building and social work through music. Having found his voice as a prodigious child musician who played with many traditional musicians in Uganda, Kinobe has a deep understanding and skillful approach to many traditional instruments and songs as well as his original music, most of which talks about social life.

He uses his music as a platform for social development, to create awareness on many important issues such as:- Peace, Human rights, Justice, Girl Education, Leadership, Environmental protection, etc, to improve the way of life for young people in developing country, bring to the world a more truthful understanding and image of Africa and its beautiful culture as opposed to what is portrayed through the media and contribute to the development and sustainability of communities in Africa. His songs tell of all these stories…

Kinobe has worked with students and communities across Africa, Europe, and North America, giving concerts, workshops and lectures on the various instruments, topics and traditions of African and African music, lifestyle and developmental work. Some of the essentials he will use with your group include, singing along where your group will learn songs and sing along, drumming and instrumental accompaniment using your instruments that you are familiar with, perform along Kinobe in a commemorating concert and much more.


Students will have the opportunities to experience the musical instruments, rhythms and melodies of Africa, and some will have hands on experience to try several of Kinobe’s traditional instruments.

Students will learn to sing Kinobe’s songs and will work with Kinobe to compose music together in a workshop, learn to improvise and use dance movements to accompany the songs.

Students will get a full understanding of Africa, the importance of music and musicians in present day Africa in reference to Kinobe’s musical approach in the angle of social development, humanity and peace building.