Kinobe curates Education and Outreach programs to bring cross-cultural experiences and learning journeys to global students of all ages while introducing Africa’s cultural arts and social studies. As an educator, the Uganda musician performs, leads workshops and facilitates a unique understanding of how we connect as humans across cultural and national lines.

While his music may at first seem foreign, Kinobe illustrates the shared roots of current American and global musical styles with those of his native Uganda and its surrounding regions of Africa.

Colleges and Universities

Residency Program in humanities

This program is open to all students including non music students. Program subjects can be mixed & matched in a single event, or as separate courses/workshops.

Program subjects

- Global Perspective on Creativity

- History & Foundation of Pan-African Music

- Merging African rhythms with global music genres

- African Culture, Lifestyle, & Natural Environment

- Introduction of African Instruments

- How to Practice and Apply New Musical Techniques

- Using Electronic Gear & Effects

- Combining Tones & Sounds for a More Complex Music

- Improvisation & Soloing

- Melodies, Lyrics, & Songcraft - Telling Your Story Through Music

- Deconstructing a Song

- Handcrafting & Building of Instruments

Music schools and Composition group

Kinobe has scored and arranged music for various ensemble settings to enable global students to learn to play African music. These sessions often lead to culminating performances with Kinobe.

- School Jazz bands/ensembles

- Choirs and Chorus groups

- String quartets

- Symphony Orchestras and Ensembles

K-12 Elementary schools

(Kinobe Solo presentations only)
Children’s experiences and perspectives.

Kinobe designed this program to help young students discover, participate and learn about African music, culture, history, people, wildlife and lifestyle through interactive experiences.

Single or Multi day events

- Assemblies/ Concerts

- Small group rotation workshops

- Classroom visits/ Q & A sessions

Included Experiences

- Audience engagement & involvement (verbal & physical)

- Hands-on (touching/holding/playing the instruments)

- Singing together or Call and response

- Movement/Dance

- Music meditation

Available resources

- Curriculum Study Guide

- Music scores

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